Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Time for a change!

A change in my scenery, clothing, job, plans, attitude?

Probably attitude...with a bit of clothing thrown in the mix. I've been revisited by a good friend of mine - ticking time bomb (not very catchy is it?). It visits every so often to remind me of my age, achievements, plans, advancements and so on. Sometimes it gets personal and reminds me of the time already lost. Yes yes, I know the living happens in the journey, but it can't be wrong to occasionally expect results. Of any kind. It is afterall, the result which is measurable.

I was listening to an interesting sermon on the radio a couple of weeks ago which taught about our salvation being evident in the result of our living. It made me realise that I'd been measuring my outward life by the results I have (and more recently, haven't) been achieving and had forgotten that my relationship with God should also in time show results (or fruit for those of you who know). And it isn't. Neither my outward nor inner efforts are bearing fruit. Cause for concern? Absolutely. Like so many before me, I have been so focused on the way the result is meant to look that I've forgotten how to go about achieving it. Double cause for concern? Correct again.

The change I'll be focusing on is my attitude. (ok fine, I did purchase a pair of super cute rust coloured shorts for the summer - and post diet - from Club Monaco, but that's it!) My attitude towards my efforts needs to change so that I am focusing less on myself and my feelings (that's going to hurt) in order to spend that energy to focus more on people, God, and the other things that are happening around me. An adjustment in my attitude and my focus will naturally develop into results. I need to stop focusing on what the results look like and focus more on the way to achieve them. Heavens! Simple logic really and I still feel like I've been in an intervention with Oprah, Dr Phil and Pastor James MacDonald.

I actually feel a little relieved, and a bit excited. Change is going to be happening. Within me and around me. Stay tuned!

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